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ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chat service developed by OpenAI, an American company invested by Microsoft. The official address is: Other similar websites or tool plugins are implemented by calling OpenAI APIs in the background. We charge to assist in applying for a ChatGPT official account registration:

Plan 1. Register a regular ChatGPT account (verified by US email and US phone number) and you can chat with gpt3.5 for free (limited to 1000 times per day).

Plan 2. On the basis of Plan1, assist in opening the Plus membership service for ChatGPT accounts (US credit card recharge, monthly payment), After activating Plus, you can use GPT4 and ask 25 questions every 3 hours (up to 200 questions per day). Artificial intelligence chats faster, answers questions with higher quality and accuracy. GPT4 Example

Tip: The above account frequency limit is officially set by OpenAI. We only provide assistance in applying for ChatGPT accounts and recharge payment services, and do not impose any other restrictions.

The future has arrived! To avoid being outdated by the times, learn and master artificial intelligence as soon as possible, use it for you, and progress with the times!

Please specify in the email title [Apply for ChatGPT Plan x]
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